(School Age Children​)

What We're Doing This Year

To address the changes needed for this year, Kesher is proud to offer both in-person and virtual learning options for your children. 

Kesher Connections

Kesher Connections is our In-Person option this year. 

 8:30am to 5pm

Tuesday through Thursday.


(This option is for those who are choosing small group learning for their children. Kesher Connections is not available to those who will be sending their child to any other day program.)

From 8:30am - 2pm your child will get the attention of a General Education teacher. Our teachers will be enhancing the student's day, not only will they help with the online learning, the teachers will also be developing their own enrichment classes, including Art, Music, and Movement. 

From 2pm - 5pm, our students will continue their Kesher After School programming. Included in this is  a Modern Hebrew curriculum and our Judaics curriculum.


This year, the students will be focused on the Jewish Life Cycle. They'll learn about the holidays and how we celebrate all the different events that happen throughout the life of a Jewish person. All of this will be done with a Project Based Learning approach. 


Kesher Virtual 

Virtual After School 


A flexible program offered to those who wish to learn remotely, from anywhere in the world.


Our Kesher Virtual teachers offer one on one Modern Hebrew Tutoring, Tracked Hebrew classes, and Judaics.


Our Judaics courses are created with the students in mind, using a combination of online and offline learning through the lens of Project Based Learning methods.


Our Hebrew course is built to give the students a boost in learning the language through multiple media platforms, and designed specifically for the class of students the teacher is working with at any given time. 

With the operative term being virtual, our Virtual After School program is meant to work with whatever schedule your children have. Though there will be set times for our Judaics classes, you will be able to work with the teacher you choose on the timing of the one on one lessons.


Our Preschool is a Reggio inspired, child-led curriculum, seen through a Jewish lens.

We practice an inclusive approach to our curriculum, environment and family engagement, with opportunities to engage in meaningful conversations about social justice, as well as community driven action and meaningful projects.


We are a mixed age preschool, designed to facilitate a supportive environment where children can partner with older and younger children to facilitate relationships based on interests, grounded in care-taking, community building, and collaborative thinking in a developmentally appropriate but academically rigorous environment centered around play and exploration. 

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